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Other Product Lines We Carry

We carry many product lines, and only list a few major lines here. If you need a specific brand of product or parts for a specific item, please fax or email your inquiry. If we cannot quote, we will refer you to someone who can.

  • Truck Mounted Valves, Controls
  • Pumps - Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Control Valves
  • Underwing Nozzles
  • Overwing Nozzles
  • OPW Kamvalok - Bottom Loading Couplers for Avgas
  • Liquid Control Meters - The Unique Design and High Quality Meter
  • Strainers
  • Hannay Hose, Grounding and Cable Reels - The Premier Reel Manufacturer
  • Other Cable and Grounding Reels
  • Morrison Brothers Products- Fuel Valves and Tank Accessories
  • Pressure Gauges - All Types
  • Additive Injection Systems
  • Small Ball Valves
  • Sensing and Deadman Hose
  • Floating Suction Assemblies
  • Sump Separators
  • Tank Gauging Tapes
  • Hydrometers and Thermometers

Lines not listed above, but regularly provided by GTP include: Meggitt Whittaker Ground Fueling, Goodyear, Betts, Alleghney, Greer, EBW, Shand and Jurs, US Gauge, Schrader-Bellows, Veeder Root, Norris, Ashcroft, Keystone, Apollo, Dixon, Emco Wheaton, Allen Bradley, Red Dot, Omega, Best-Weld, Flowline, Crouse Hinds, Baldor, Marathon, Reliance, ARD, Span, GPI, Murphy, Biobor, Pacer, Mueller Stream, FMC Chicksan, Armstrong, Tuthill Fillright, SPAN, United Electric, Descase and many, many others.