Our Story

Gammon Technical Products was incorporated in 1960 by Howard Gammon. Howard served in the US Army Air Corp in the Second World War and then went on to earn a BSME at the University of Iowa. By 1959 he was chief engineer at a major automotive filter manufacturer, but left the job to start his own business.

In the beginning the company functioned as a manufacturer’s representative, selling the products of other companies to various customers, most notably the newly formed NASA.

Based on Howard’s experience in automotive engineering and filtration, it was natural for Gammon Technical Products and Enfab (the company that was to become Velcon Filters) to form a long-lasting relationship. This extended to J.C. Carter, a company he had worked with in the 1950’s. Howard set up the world-wide sales networks for Velcon and Carter still in use today.

It became apparent quickly that there were products needed in the aviation fuel industry related to quality control, sampling and handling and there was no one company filling the needs of the industry. Howard developed a wide range of products over the following years to fill the needs of the aviation fuel handling industry, always with one primary consideration, quality. The simple Sampling Probe came first, soon followed by the MiniMonitor, Gammon Gauge, Aqua-Glo, Sump Separator and other unique and useful products.

In the beginning, GTP had the parts made outside, and assembled them in-house, but this evolved rapidly into an in-shop operation, as Howard had extensive machine shop and engineering experience.

Jim Gammon, Howard’s son, came to work full-time in 1976. Jim worked his way up in the company, eventually becoming President. Jim's wife Wanda has worked at GTP for over forty years and currently holds the position of treasurer. Their daughter Sandi joined the company in 2015. We are truly a family business.

For decades Howard and Jim have served as officers at ASTM and participated in many other industry organizations such as EI (IP),NFPA, ATA (A4A), SAE, CRC, NATA and others. Jim has given hundreds of free seminars all over the world on fuel handling and quality control, most notable for the NATA, and also for many major international oil companies.

The Gammon Aviation Fuel Conference held on even-numbered years is a popular source of information, and it allows our customers to interact with a wide range of industry experts on subjects from Avgas to Jet Fuel Filtration. Major oil companies and manufacturers as well as the USAF have sent speakers to our Aviation Fuel Conferences. We also hold the Aviation Fuel Handling Training Symposium on odd-numbered years, to bring industry information and networking to a wider audience.

Today Gammon Technical Products has distributors covering every country in the world. Most are local small specialty businesses. We believe strongly in local support. Our commitment to quality remains with a dominating presence in Viper additive injection equipment, the MiniMonitor, Aqua-Glo and B/2 field testing and sampling equipment and of course the famous Gammon Gauge.

We proudly manufacture over 3,000 products and components in the USA. We do a vast majority of our own machining plus all engineering, testing and assembly. We innovate constantly, always trying to anticipate industry needs before they are needed. We developed or helped develop many of the items now standard in fuel handling and testing some for other companies, such as the hose-end regulator.

With about 60 employees, we are proud that our products are in use at virtually every airport in the world, from a clearing in the middle of a jungle to the largest international airports. They are found on every US Aircraft carrier and in most fuel terminals and refineries. We support all of the US military services and our products are in use by many other foreign militaries. Over half of our employees have been with us over 10 years and we are most proud of their ability to serve you, our customer.