Aviation Fuel Handling Training Symposium

COMBINED 2023 Symposium & NPMA PETRO

We are pleased to announce that in March of 2023 the Gammon Symposium will be integrated into PETRO 23 at the MGM National Harbor Hotel, National Harbor, Maryland

We are combining our Symposium with PETRO this March. It will be a combination of commercial and military refueling equipment and processes. There will be many seminars - an event on aviation fuel handling, which will feature educational content and industry updates from some of the leading equipment manufacturers, service providers, and trade association professionals. It is also a large Trade Show with manufacturers present to represent their companies’ most recent products and services.

We are pleased to announce and invite all to this advanced PETRO/Gammon Symposium event. The event is a combination of seminars on all equipment used in refueling and fuel handling to aircraft and in fuel farms for both commercial and military operations – plus a business show involving the manufacturers.

Why combine military and commercial aviation fuel handling? Because there is a lot in common, plus we also want to provide a pathway for trained, disciplined people who leave the military to be able to transfer their training and experience to commercial positions.

Military and commercial fueling should be connected, not only because "jet fuel is jet fuel”- but because fuelers are fuelers.

Presently, NPMA primarily provides training to military services and we are bringing them together with NATA, which provides training to commercial fuel handlers and the airline fueling community. The NPMA and NATA both provide training and certification programs meant to increase safety, reduce environmental accidents and promote professionalism.

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